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Beston Sell biomass charcoal machine The biomass is converted into charcoal using state-of-the-art carbonization technology, also known as pyrolysis。 So far, Beston Machinery has worked in Turkey, Ukraine, Chile, Spain and Turkey More than 30 countries and regions Globally, this helps our customers make huge profits while utilizing biomass waste。

Charcoal making machine
Beston sells charcoal machines

What is charcoal making machine?

Charcoal making machines can take advantage of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose (such as straw, sawdust), agricultural waste or forestry waste, 稻壳, fruit shell, coconut shell, palm shell, bark, log and so on。During high temperature anaerobic pyrolysis, the carbon and hydrogen elements in the feedstock are converted into a high heat mixture of combustible gases, charcoal and products: wood vinegar and tar。

Charcoal factory
Charcoal factory

Charcoal machine available raw materials

  1. Various biomass wastes, such as rice husks, wood chips, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, wood chips, etc。
  2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge and so on
  3. Municipal household waste, food waste。

The final product of charcoal machine and its application

Combustible gas
Combustible gas


Daily life: can be made into barbecue charcoal or used as heat fuel。

Agriculture: Improved soil quality, resulting in higher grain yields, due to its strong adsorption capacity。

工业:木炭可以进一步加工成活性炭; 在钢铁厂,陶瓷厂等用作粘土和燃料的建筑砖。


Anti-insect fungicide;

Pesticide intermediates;

Soil conditioner。


Basic raw materials for smelting biodiesel。

Combustible gas:

Heating carbonization furnace for secondary use。

Charcoal making machine video

What is the process of making charcoal? (Charcoal making process)

Charcoal making process
Charcoal making process

Primary carbonization process

Biomass material → through the belt conveyor → sealed feeding device → falling into the inner groove of the high temperature carbonization machine (middle temperature zone) → falling into the high temperature zone for "high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas volatilization, sulfur release, carbon enrichment" → carbonization process → three-stage sealed water cooling discharge

NO.2 Combustible gas treatment process

A large number of flue gas (combustible gas) generated in the carbonization process → transported by pipeline to the first stage of the cyclone dust collector for duct removal → after purification of flue gas into combustible gas,It is then introduced as a heating auxiliary furnace gas source (automatic ignition of combustible flue gas),Exhaust gas after using heat source → dust removal by cyclone dust collector → exhaust gas dust collector discharge

Case of Beston Charcoal Factory

Mexican charcoal making machine
Mexican charcoal making machine
Charcoal machine in Turkey
Charcoal machine in Turkey
Charcoal machine in Japan
Charcoal making machine in Japan

Charcoal machine for sale

规格 BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
容量 0.3-0.5 t/h 0.8-1 t/h 2.5-3 t/h 4.5-5 t/h
Way to work Completely continuous
原料 1.All kinds of biomass waste, such as wood chips, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo and so on。
2.Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge and so on
3.Municipal household waste, food waste。
Reactor size Φ 820 mm Φ 1000 mm Φ 1300 mm Φ 1700 mm
The heating material Charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass, etc
Energy consumption 45 kilowatts per hour 65 kilowatts per hour 90 kilowatts per hour 125 kilowatts per hour
Product specification 28m * 10m * 6m 33m * 13m * 7m 40m * 15m * 8m 50m * 16m * 10m
重量 28t 35t 45t 54t
Operating pressure A slight negative pressure
The service life of the 5-8年

Please note:

  1. 加工能力以稻壳材料为基础; 不同的原料具有不同的容量;
  2. All parameters depend on the customer's configuration;
  3. The size depends on the site layout。
  4. All of the above types of charcoal making machines are completely continuous and can realize the synchronization of materials in and out。

Unique charcoal maker designed Beston

Safety design

  • The three-way seal design makes the air tightness of charcoal manufacturing equipment more secure and reliable。
  • The micro negative pressure in charcoal stove makes the operation of charcoal making machine safer;
  • The end of the carbonization furnace is designed with explosion-proof device, which is safer;
  • Automatic igniter is equipped with a long flame device to prevent the furnace from breaking;
  • Closed air supply design, air supply system is safer;
  • Hot-wire expansion design, avoid equipment derailment;
  • Multi-point pressure and temperature detection feedback for safer operation;
  • The use of new structures and high-temperature materials in the fire zone makes operation more reliable;
  • Shell temperature below 35℃ ensures worker safety and working environment。

Environmental design

  • Charcoal making machine can recycle all kinds of solid waste and convert it into useful resources to meet the requirements of national environmental protection;
  • The tar and wood vinegar produced by the charcoal making machine are treated with combustion control technology, which is both safe and environmentally friendly。
  • The flue gas is treated by multiple dust removal devices and meets the standard discharge requirements;
  • Using diesel or natural gas for heating and preheating is more environmentally friendly and efficient;
  • The combustion chamber is designed with ceramic fiber, with a service life of 12 years, avoiding secondary pollution of castable;
  • 污水采用沉淀技术重复使用; 沉淀污泥资源的深度利用可以实现零排放。

Energy saving design

  • Intelligent equipment control and frequency conversion technology adjustment, so that the charcoal machine more energy saving;
  • The use of hot exhaust gas drying materials, more energy saving, environmental protection。
  • Double drum design, inner cylinder preheat and dry, improve thermal efficiency;
  • The water used in the charcoal production line can be reused to save resources;
  • After normal operation of the equipment, it can switch its own combustible gas to replace external fuel heating, with less energy consumption;
  • Continuous operation of 3-5 angel equipment is more efficient;
  • Main and auxiliary furnace design, multi-stage thermal structure, make the carbon machine more energy saving;
  • Low nitrogen combustion design makes combustion more efficient。

Charcoal making machine supplier -- Beston Group

As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of charcoal making machines, Beston is capable of designing, researching and manufacturing high quality and advanced charcoal machines。 We have our own research center and strong data support center。

The customer is supreme

We can determine and customize the machine according to the specific requirements of customers;

Excellent qualities

Durable materials and continuous optimization to improve technology and quality;

Professional guidance

Professional engineer team will provide you with better products and better experience guidance;

Intimate service

In the whole service process, we can quickly respond to customers' problems at any time。

Charcoal making machine price

The price of the charcoal making machine is around USD 46,000-150,000。

Please note:

1.The price is an estimate only;

2.The exact cost depends on the machine you need;

3.Processing technology and raw materials are the main factors affecting the price of charcoal machine。

4.There will be an occasional discount, so you can contact us for the latest event policy。

Biomass charcoal making machine
Component of biomass charcoal making machine

Bst-10 Carbon machine economic analysis report

Land for the machine 20m * 12m * 6m
Daily running cost
项目 Cost per unit 总计
材料 24 tons of sawdust 80USD 1920USD
汽油 50 cubic meters of natural gas 0.45USD 22.5USD
1.5吨水 0.6USD 0.9USD
功率 35kw 0.09USD 3.15USD
劳力 5工人 30USD 150USD
Take care of your cookware 10USD 20USD
折旧 10USD 20USD
税务 Tax exemption for environmental protection projects 0
Other fees 10USD
The total cost 2146.55USD
Daily gross margin
Charcoal (BBQ) 8吨/天 680USD 5440USD
焦油 0.2吨/天
木醋 0.5吨/天
Total gross profit 5440USD
Net profit
Daily profit: 5440-2146.55 3293.45USD
Monthly (25 working days) 82336.25USD
Year (10 months) 823362.5USD

Please note:

1.数据来自中国市场,仅供参考; 您可以Contact us获取详细报告;

2.In the table, we use wood chips as raw material。

Barbecue charcoal machine shipped to Malaysia
Barbecue charcoal machine shipped to Malaysia

As one of the most powerful manufacturers of biomass charcoal making machines in China, Beston not only aims to produce quality products for customers, but also cares about customers' profits and the sustainable development of the earth。 This is a great opportunity for you to try to make real profitable investments。 Beston will help you at every stage of your business plan。 If you want to know more about our machine, please contact us free of charge。 Let's move on Pinterest.

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