Continuous pyrolysis device design

Continuous pyrolysis plant

There are two main types of pyrolysis plants available for sale in Beston, Continuous pyrolysis plantSmall scale pyrolysis plant。 Among them, continuous plants can be divided into semi-continuous and completely continuous。 The following are the specific parameters of all the factories we provide.

Continuous pyrolysis device design
Beston Continuous Pyrolysis Plant -- 3D layout

Parameter Beston continuous pyrolysis plant for sale

规格 BLJ-16 BLL-20
Daily output 15-20T 20-24T
Way to work semi-continuous Completely continuous
原料 Plastic waste, tires, rubber, sludge
Reactor size D2.8 * L7.1m D1.4 * L11m
模式 Horizontal and rotational
The heating material Charcoal, wood, fuel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc
The total power 54 kilowatts per hour 71.4 kilowatts per hour
Floor area (l * W * H) 40 10 * * 8m 45 25 * * 10m
Operating pressure 恒压
Cooling way 水冷
寿命 5-8 岁
Continuous pyrolyzer
Beston BLL-20 to Romania

Continuous pyrolysis reactor
Beston BLJ-16 bound for South Africa

Continuous pyrolysis plant design VS batch pyrolysis plant design

Compared to the intermittent pyrolysis plant, the Beston continuous pyrolysis plant is designed with the following unique features:

Faster feed in and out system

A continuous pyrolysis plant is also known as an automatic pyrolysis plant because it uses an automatic spiral feeder to feed raw materials into the reactor。 Feed and discharge are carried out 24 hours a day。 As a result, there is no need to cool the reactor before waiting for feeding, as in batch pyrolysis equipment。

Non-rotating design of a continuous pyrolysis reactor

Intermittent pyrolysis plant, known as Small scale pyrolysis plant, using a rotating reactor。 It has a double helix structure inside the reactor to ensure a 360° rotation of the feedstock when heated。 But the continuous pyrolysis reactor is not rotating。 It has more space and ensures uniform heating of large amounts of raw materials at the same time。

Please note that the semi-continuous pyrolysis plant (BLJ-16) uses the same reactor as the small-scale plant。 

Continuous pyrolysis plant
Beston Philippines continuous pyrolysis machine

Modular design

Beston The fully continuous pyrolyzer (BLL-20) uses a modular design, which means that each part of the device can be independently modular, with high variability and feasibility。

Typically, a factory suite consists of the following modules,

  • The feeding system
  • Heating system
  • Pyrolysis system
  • The cooling system
  • Discharge system
  • Dust removal system

Among them, the continuous pyrolysis unit adopts a three-in-one discharge system, which combines the condensation system, discharge system and liquefaction system together to improve the working efficiency。

The modular design makes factory delivery, assembly and maintenance much easier, and as a result, it has been well received by customers。

Continuous pyrolysis device design
The feeding system
Continuous pyrolysis plant
Heating system
Continuous pyrolysis reactor
Pyrolysis reactor -- BLL-20
Continuous pyrolyzer
The cooling system
Continuous pyrolysis equipment
Three in one discharging system
Dust removal system
Updated dust removal system

Larger capacity, larger size, higher output

We have designed a continuous pyrolysis machine for processing large amounts of raw materials, so its capacity, size and yield are much greater than that of a blending plant。

Pre-processing systems can be provided

Both batch plants and continuous plants can treat tires, sludge and rubber waste, but if raw materials need to be treated, continuous plants can provide a pretreatment system。 The whole plant also contains pretreatment systems, such as waste Tyre crusher Or crusher, etc.

Tyre crusher
Tyre pretreatment plant

In addition, the continuous pyrolysis design has the following advantages similar to the batch type。

Safety design of continuous pyrolysis plant

1.Small furnace door to ensure the stability of the whole process;

2.Protective sleeve, avoid the operator from high temperature injury;

3.Operators can read manometers and thermometers to see the state of the reactor in real time;

4. 100% anti-clogging technology: we adopt honeycomb filter design to avoid clogging;

5. 100% explosion-proof and 100% fire protection technology to protect the whole factory;

6.Sensitive alarm system。

Environmental protection and energy saving design

1.排放。 Flue gas emission in line with the EU environmental emission standards;

2.Turn waste into energy。 Because it can finally turn your waste into energy。

3. All inlet and outlet are sealed to ensure no ash and dust in the workshop。

4, the new heating structure can save a lot of energy and fuel costs for you, so as to improve work efficiency;

5. Water in hydra seals can be recycled。

Continuous pyrolysis device design
Beston automatic pyrolysis device

Better understand the costs of a continuous pyrolysis plant

Continuous pyrolysis equipment is required if large quantities of waste tyres are to be processed。 But at the same time, you'll know that more capacity means more capacity 成本 Rather than invest in small pyrolysis plants。

But at the same time, you get a higher yield and then a higher return on the final product of that plant。 In addition, as one of the top manufacturers of continuous pyrolysis plants in China, Beston Group has the strength to provide you with the best pyrolysis machines with the best quality and longest service life。 Our professional sales consultants will help you develop a specific business plan based on your budget and needs。 Our professional engineering team will also help you with initial assembly and subsequent maintenance。 In short, all the money you spend on the plant will be worth the investment in the end。

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Pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant
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Continuous pyrolysis plant Only we can provide you with a pyrolysis equipment Beston。 With the development of modern technology, the update of pyrolysis equipment is also fast。 But choosing the best plant for you has always been key to the success of this business。 Click here for more information about us Pyrolysis plant sale 现在。

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