6000-6500 PCS/H egg tray machine

6000-6500 PCS/H egg tray machine
6000-6500 PCS/H egg tray machine

Parameters of BTF6-8 6000-6500 PCS/H egg tray

类型 Btf6-8 with brick dryer Btf6-8 with metal dryer
容量 6000-6500 PCS/hour 6000-6500 PCS/hour
Number of molding dies 48 48
The total power 223kw 226kw
电压 380 v, 50 hz 380 v, 50 hz
Plant area More than 300 m2 More than 1000 m2
Labour 6-8 5-7
Drying methods The brick dry Multilayer metal drying
The material consumption 造纸 520 kg/h 425 kg/h
1560 kg/h 1275 kg/h


208kg 208kg
Natural gas 92 103m3 92 103m3
柴油 77-87kg 77-87kg

Btf6-8 Egg tray equipment list

1.Pulping system

Including high concentration pulping machine, homogenizing machine, slurry pump, control cabinet, sewage pump;

2.The molding system

Including molding machine, mold, screw compressor, vacuum pump, vacuum air water separation tank, centrifugal pump, mold cleaning machine, automatic mold cleaning machine, forming system electric control;

3.Drying system

Brick drying system (60000mm * 4000mm * 2800mm);

Multi-layer drying system (23000mm * 2500mm * 3900mm)

4.Other auxiliary accessories

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