Pelletizer video

Dear friend Beston, my name is Fredo Wang. Today is XNUMX day, 2014, 2021

Today, we are at the pelletizer factory。 Pelletizer is the production of pellets from biomass。 It is commonly used to produce biofuels from biomass waste, such as corn stalks, corn cobs, straw, forest waste, sawdust and all kinds of materials you can name。 The purpose of the machine is to compress the fluffy material into a more uniform way that is more dense, more calorific and easier to transport。

The use of such particles is often used as a biofuel to replace coal, oil and natural gas, and is widely used for home heating and industrial combustion。 It can also be used as a feeder for livestock。

When we start the process, the material is first loaded onto the belt conveyor。 The belt conveyor will transport the material to the bin。 Meanwhile, the control cabinet will monitor every detail of the process。 The material falls into the bin, and the bottom of the bin of the spiral feeder pushes the material into the bin pelletizer.

Inside the pelletizer, the spinning wheel presses the material against the inside of the mold。 At high temperature and pressure, the material will be squeezed out of a hole in the mold, and the rotating blade will cut the material within the design length。 Finally, particles fall from the outlet。 And the process will be complete。

The cyclone will help remove all dust and ash during the process, ensuring the system is environmentally friendly and emissions-free。

This machine is simple but effective。 You can already be in the waste-to-energy business without having to invest a lot of money。 If you are interested in this, please contact us immediately。 I'm Fredo Wang. I work for Beston Machinery.

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