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Pyrolysis plant sale

Beston Group is dedicated to the design and manufacture of waste recycling machines so we can provide high quality Pyrolysis plant sale In the international market。 This kind of plant is the treatment of solid waste (including Plastic, tires, rubber, sludge, etc) because it can turn waste materials into useful things。

Pyrolysis plant sale
Beston Pyrolysis Plant for sale -- 3D layout

First, depending on the machine's capability, we have small (batch), semi-continuous and complete Continuous pyrolysis plant。 For more information about them, you can examine the factory specific parameters below。

Basic parameters Beston waste heat plant for sale

规格 BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16 BLL-20
Daily output 6T 8T-10T 15-20T 20-24T
Way to work 批量 semi-continuous Completely continuous
原料 Plastic waste, tires, rubber, sludge
Reactor size D2.2 * L6.0m D2.6 * L6.6m D2.8 * L7.1m D1.4 * L11m
模式 Horizontal and rotational
The heating material Charcoal, wood, fuel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc
The total power 24 kilowatts per hour 30 kilowatts per hour 54 kilowatts per hour 71.4 kilowatts per hour
Floor area (l * W * H) 30 10 * * 8m 30 10 * * 8m 40 10 * * 8m 45 25 * * 10m
Operating pressure 常压 恒压
Cooling way 水冷
寿命 5-8 岁

Secondly, according to raw materials, we provide the following types of pyrolysis machines for sale.

Sale of waste tire pyrolyzers

Acceptable raw materials: All rubber tires。
The final product:热解 Tires to oil, carbon black and steel wire。

Waste tires
Waste tires
Pyrolysis device
Beston Turkish Tire Pyrolysis Plant

注意:1.Before handling the tire, the wire needs to be pulled out of the tire。 2.Different types of tires have different oil output, please leave us a message immediately for specific data。

Rubber pyrolysis plant for sale

Acceptable raw materials:所有 Waste rubber Examples are waste soles, rubber gloves, rubber pipes, rubber cable skins and all rubber products。
The final product: Pyrolytic oil and carbon black。

Rubber waste heat resolver
Rubber scrap
Rubber pyrolysis
Beston Korean Rubber Pyrolysis Factory

Oil Pollution Treatment Plant for sale

Acceptable raw materials: 油泥.
The final product: Pyrolytic oil, water and sand。

Oily sludge
Oily sludge
Municipal Solid waste pyrolysis plant
Beston's Sludge pyrolysis plant in Nigeria

Use of the final product

The final product 用法
Pyrolysis oil 1.Direct sale;
2.Used as fuel oil;
3.通过 Oil distillation machine If you want to sell qualified diesel at a better price。
碳黑 1.Direct sale;
2.In the rubber and plastics industry for the manufacture of reinforcing agents, fillers and colouring agents。
3.If you want to sell it at a better price, you can use a grinder to get finer carbon black。
钢丝 1.Direct sale;
2.Used in steel mills to produce steel bars。
Combustible gas 1.It is reused during pyrolysis
2.Collected in airbags and used as fuel。
Pyrolysis plants sell fuel oil
Pyrolysis oil
Pyrolysis plant sale

Description of pyrolysis process

Before selling pyrolysis equipment, you need to learn what pyrolysis is。 Pyrolysis is a typical thermochemical reaction, so its essence refers to the recombination of hydrogen and carbon groups of raw materials in an oxygen-free environment with the increase of temperature。

The working process of our pyrolysis equipment is as follows for your reference:

Baby food: Automatic screw feeder (optional) will push the raw material into the furnace door。
加热: post-feed heating reactor。
Oil and gas power generation: When the temperature inside the reactor reaches 160℃, oil and gas will be generated and then enter the manifold。 Heavy particles from the oil and gas are then liquefied and dropped into the tank。 At the same time, light gasoline will rise to the condenser and then liquefy into light oil。 Finally, it will be reduced in the light oil tank, which is the available pyrolysis oil。

Pyrolysis plant process
The pyrolysis process

Emissions and discharges

Usually, emissions and emissions are a major part of pyrolysis machine sales, as it sometimes involves environmental pollution issues。 Therefore, our machine pays great attention to the design of these two parts。

1.Black carbon is discharged through a sealed water-cooled discharge system。
2.Combustible gases are produced during pyrolysis。 Therefore, we have adopted technologies that can recycle and reuse gases to avoid air pollution。
重用-- In a hydraulic seal, combustible gas will be dusted and desulphurized and then burned in a combustion chamber to provide heat to the reactor。
购物- If the customer does not want to use up combustible gas, it can collect combustible gas first。 We can provide airbags, which should be installed away from the combustion chamber。
3.After dust removal, water spraying and cleaning, absorption of activated carbon and absorption of ceramic ring, all flue gas will be safely discharged。 And we guarantee that all emissions from the pyrolysis device comply with eu environmental emission standards。

Pyrolysis project
Beston pyrolysis project in Brazil

Unique design Beston for sale of a new generation of pyrolyzers

Modular design

We adopt a modular design for continuous machines。 The whole pyrolysis engineering can be divided into feeding system, heating system, pyrolysis reactor, condensation system, dust removal system and discharge system。

Advantages of using this design in our pyrolysis plant:

  1. Improve the generality and interchangeability of each part of pyrolysis system。
  2. Rich more feasible design, can meet the different needs of different customers。
  3. Easy to deliver, assemble and maintain。
Design of pyrolysis reactor。 Beston Pyrolysis Plant for sale
Pyrolysis reactor
Pyrolysis device
The cooling system
Pyrolysis equipment
Three in one unloading system

Design of pyrolysis reactor

1.Small furnace door - To ensure the stability of pyrolysis process。 In addition, the doors are designed to accommodate different feeding patterns。
2.Use high quality high temperature resistant refractory materials (16 mm thick) such as Q245R boiler iron for use Small pyrolyzer 310S stainless steel is used in continuous factories。
3.Four shovel plates were added at the end of the reactor to improve the efficiency of the reactor。
4.The support roller adopts high temperature resistant refractory bearing to make the reactor more durable。

Safety design

1.Design Beston sells pyrolysis plants in strict compliance with national standards, engineering industry and industry standards。 Therefore, we guarantee the safety, reliability and quality of the plant。
2.We test and preassemble the plant according to ITP plan and ensure the safety of all parts of the plant before leaving the plant。
3.We have designed a variety of safety devices, safety gauges and valves that can supervise every part of the plant from different angles。 As a result, the operator can obtain real-time reports on the temperature and pressure of each part。
4.During field installation and commissioning, the engineer shall evaluate the blind spots of the safety assessment。

Pyrolysis plant sale
Beston sells waste heat decomposers

Can Beston!

如果不确定要选择哪个供应商,则可以选择 Beston! 如果您选择与我们合作,我们可以为您提供最优质的废热解厂。 At the same time, we will provide you with the best service you have ever seen, including:

  • Pre-sale service: A professional sales consultant can help you develop your own business plan。
  • Procurement services: Quality control, schedule assurance and technical support。
  • After-sales service:组装,安装和调试; 24/7全天候在线客服; 定期回访客户。

In addition, Beston also has professional research centers, testing centers, laboratories and manufacturing plants。 Therefore, we have confidence in ourselves Pyrolysis plant sale The reason why we sell in the market is because we have a strong and supportive research and production team。 If you are interested in this plant, please leave a message or Follow us on FaceBook 首先。

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