Sawdust charcoal

Wood chip charcoal making machine

Beston Sawdust charcoal making machine It converts wood chips into high-quality charcoal and is environmentally friendly。 As sawdust charcoal has quite a wide range of uses in human daily life and manufacturing, sawdust has great potential in recycling。 Usually, wood chip charcoal can be made into activated carbon, or use wood chip charcoal briquettes charcoal manufacturing machine to produce charcoal briquettes。

Wood chip charcoal making machine
Beston wood chip charcoal making machine installed in Ukraine

All the biomass waste you can imagine, like wood, coconut shells, palm shells, bagasse, can be carbonized into charcoal。 Because sawdust charcoal is so versatile, the machine is considered very profitable in the market。

The use of wood chip charcoal

  • Daily life: After pressing the block, it can be widely used in catering services, such as barbecue fuel and other local fuels, such as heaters
  • Agriculture: Use as fertilizer to improve soil quality and thus increase grain production
  • 工业:可以进一步加工成活性炭; 与粘土一起用作建筑砖; 在钢铁工厂,陶瓷等中用作燃料。
Sawdust charcoal
Sawdust charcoal

In addition to charcoal, biogas, wood vinegar and tar are also produced in the sawdust production process。 Biogas can also be used as a fuel。 Wood vinegar can be used to produce pesticides, and tar is the raw material for rubber products, dyes and pesticides。

Never put off till tomorrow what you can and use
Never put off till tomorrow what you can and use

"One fire, two steps" -- design of new heating structure

In addition to profitability, Beston is selling sawdust charcoal-making machines that are extremely efficient and consume less energy thanks to a new heating system。 As the name suggests, this heating system uses a fire to heat the two main parts of the machine, the drying system and Carbide furnace。 In order to improve the heating efficiency, we used a "durable layer design" for two sections, with a drying body on the outside and a carbonization furnace on the inside。 Thus, the fire can heat the carbonization system directly, and the residual heat from the carbonization process can be used to heat the drying body simultaneously。

Sawdust charcoal machine
Beston's latest wood chip charcoal machine design 2020

Features Beston sells wood chip charcoal machines

  1. High efficiency。
  2. To save energy。 The "one fire, two steps" heating system and durable layer design can save a lot of fuel, thus reducing customer costs。
  3. 环保。 The exhaust gas and flue gas will be desulphurized, dusted and cooled before being discharged。 We ensure that emissions comply with European environmental emission standards。
  4. Very safe operation。 We have added special enclosures for drying and carbonizing hosts to prevent operator injury。 The customer can choose a central control system to separate the operator from the sawdust carbonizer。 We have standard power control system to ensure the safe operation of the machine。 Feeding and discharging are carried out in a sealed environment to ensure a safe and good working environment。
Sawdust carbonizing machine
Sawdust carbonizer exported to Kenya

How to make charcoal from wood chips

  1. Constant weight feeder transport 锯末 Through the belt conveyor into the machine's carbonization mainframe。 In the outer layer, sawdust will be dried and then fall free to carbonize in the inner layer。 Alternatively, the customer may choose an independent drying host for the drying process, as shown above。
  2. In the carbonization furnace, the sawdust will decompose into carbide due to high temperature。 After exhausting the smoke and releasing the sulfur, the charcoal will be carbonized from the sawdust。
  3. Then the wood chip charcoal is discharged from the discharge mouth。 During the carbonization process, residual heat will be used to heat and dry the main engine to save energy。
  4. Due to a high degree of environmental awareness Beston GroupWe take emissions from the production process very seriously。 The combustible gas generated during the pyrolysis of sawdust enters the water seal to remove sulfur and dust, and then after spraying and cleaning, enters the condenser, which is divided into wood vinegar and tar。
How to make charcoal from wood chips
How to make charcoal from sawdust - the manufacturing process of sawdust charcoal

The basic parameters

Sale of wood chip charcoal machine
Sale of wood chip charcoal machine
规格 BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
容量 0.3-0.5 t/h 0.8-1 t/h 2.5-3 t/h 4.5-5 t/h
Way to work Completely continuous
原料 1.All kinds of biomass waste, such as wood chips, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo and so on。
2.Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge and so on
3.Municipal household waste, food waste。
Reactor size Φ 820 mm Φ 1000 mm Φ 1300 mm Φ 1700 mm
The heating material Charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass, etc
Energy consumption 45 kilowatts per hour 65 kilowatts per hour 90 kilowatts per hour 125 kilowatts per hour
Product specification 28m * 10m * 6m 33m * 13m * 7m 40m * 15m * 8m 50m * 16m * 10m
重量 28t 35t 45t 54t
Operating pressure A slight negative pressure
The service life of the 5-8年

As one of the leaders Supplier of charcoal making machine Beston can offer you reasonable prices in the world。 All of our recycling plants are cost-effective and have a good reputation in the world market。 If you are looking for a good way to recycle biomass waste into charcoal, then our charcoal machine will be your ideal choice。 We are committed to providing considerate after-sales service, and we believe that customers will benefit from the machines we provide。 If you want to know more about our factory, please leave us a message。

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