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Beston efficiency and quality Sale of waste tire pyrolysis plant。 It can solve the environmental problems brought by a large number of waste tires。 At the same time, if you invest, it will bring you considerable profits。 Therefore, solving the waste tire disposal problem is a win-win solution。

Waste tire pyrolysis plant
Beston tire Pyrolysis Plant sells 3D layouts

We are not agents, but professionals Manufacturer of pyrolysis equipment Because we have our own factory to produce pyrolysis tire recycling plant。 The factory is very professional.。 In addition, we also have a dedicated research center and laboratory to support our production。 Therefore, Beston Group enjoys a high reputation in the global waste recovery industry。

Basic parameters Beston sold waste tire pyrolysis plant

We provide three types of waste tire pyrolysis equipment according to the operation method: batch, semi-continuous and Fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis device。 You can refer to each type of data below。

规格 BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16 BLL-20
Daily output 6T 8T-10T 15-20T 20-24T
Way to work 批量 semi-continuous Completely continuous
原料 Plastic waste, tires, rubber, sludge
Reactor size D2.2 * L6.0m D2.6 * L6.6m D2.8 * L7.1m D1.4 * L11m
模式 Horizontal and rotational
The heating material Charcoal, wood, fuel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc
The total power 24 kilowatts per hour 30 kilowatts per hour 54 kilowatts per hour 71.4 kilowatts per hour
Floor area (l * W * H) 30 10 * * 8m 30 10 * * 8m 40 10 * * 8m 45 25 * * 10m
Operating pressure 常压 恒压
Cooling way 水冷
寿命 5-8 岁
Small tire pyrolysis plant
Beston small tire pyrolysis Plant
Tyre pyrolysis plant for sale
Continuous pyrolysis plant

You can get by-products from waste tire pyrolyzers

钢丝:直接在市场上出售; 在钢铁厂将它们回收再用作制造钢筋的原料。
Pyrolysis oil: Also known as tire oil, can pass Waste oil distiller If customers want to sell diesel at a better price, they can extract it。 Diesel oil can be used as fuel oil for many large machinery。
Carbon black from the pyrolysis of tires:直接销售; 可以通过炭黑研磨设备进行再加工,如果达到N330的标准,则将在更广泛的领域中使用,例如生产中国油墨,黑色染料,涂料和橡胶补强填料等。
Combustible gas: Produced during pyrolysis and can be reused to heat pyrolysis reactors。

Oil production

The output of oil in our factory is very high, but different types of tires have different output of oil。 The waste tires of large cars can have an oil yield of 45 percent, while those of small cars or bicycles have an oil yield of about 35 percent。 In addition, other rubber products, such as rubber cable leather, sole, also accounted for about 35%。 For more detailed information on oil production from different feedstocks, feel free Contact us.

Tyre pyrolysis process

The unique feature of Beston sells waste tire pyrolysis plants


The combustible gas can be reused after desulfurization and reduction, so the customer can save a part of it Tyre pyrolysis plant costs.

The originality

  • 独创的Design of tire pyrolysis reactor:在反应器边缘增加钢圈,减少圆跳动,减少漏气; 在外壳和反应堆之间添加耐火材料可防止热量散发并延长反应堆的使用寿命。
  • Sealed automatic screw feed and discharge systems keep the workplace clean and improve productivity。
Pyrolysis reactor
Steel frame pyrolysis reactor
Design of tire pyrolysis reactor
Add refractory casing to reactor


All waste water, gas and residue will be safely discharged。 例如,冷凝器中循环的冷却水从不与油气接触,因此不会受到污染,可以安全地排出; 在此过程中产生的烟气 The pyrolysis process Prior to discharge, a series of filtration steps (including dust removal, spraying and purification) will be carried out。
All emissions from our waste tyre pyrolysis plant are in line with national and EU standards。


  • Small furnace door to ensure the stability of the pyrolysis reactor during operation。
  • 100% explosion-proof and 100% fire-proof technology。
  • Special thermometers and manometers can check temperature and pressure at any time。
  • The outlet valve has an anti-clogging function to prevent clogging。
  • High temperature sealed unloading system ensures no ash and dust in the working process。

Feedback picture of Beston tire Pyrolysis plant for sale

Tyre pyrolysis plant for sale
Beston Philippine Tire Pyrolysis Plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant
Tyre pyrolysis facility in Indonesia

Excellent after-sales service

Beston has many years of experience in foreign trade and pyrolysis plant manufacturing。 In addition, we have perfect after-sale service。 We can send professional engineering teams to customers' locations to help them with assembly and commissioning。 We also have a responsible maintenance team responsible for the subsequent maintenance of tire pyrolysis equipment。

Beston engineers provide overseas support to customers

Tyre pyrolysis plant for sale
in the United Kingdom
Tyre pyrolysis equipment
In Turkey,
Waste tire pyrolysis plant
In Indonesia,

Hot tire pyrolysis plant for sale

In recent years, our waste tire pyrolysis plants have been widely sold around the world, such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and Turkey。Therefore, we have rich experience in setting up factories in different countries/regions all over the world。 If you are interested in a factory, no matter what country you are from, we can develop a specific business project plan for you。

In addition to waste Tyre pyrolysis plant for saleBeston also offers a variety of recycling plants for our customers to choose from according to different raw materials and different needs。 If you are interested in this factory, please leave us a message immediately below。

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