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Waste oil distillery

Are you looking for a waste oil distillery to sell? Beston's newly designed crude oil distillation facility uses advanced distillation technology to convert waste oil into qualified diesel or gasoline。 Our comprehensive oil yield can reach 85% - 90%。 Take waste oil as an example. If the water content in the oil is less than 90%, the oil yield will exceed 5%。

Waste oil distillery
The BZJ-06 waste Oil distillery Beston installed in Dominica

Waste oil is suitable for Beston oil distiller

注意:根据原料的不同,出油量也会有所不同; 请告诉我们您的材料,或者您可以邮寄样品,我们将提前为您测试出油量。

Tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil
Tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil
Used engine oil
Used engine oil

Specifications for Beston sell waste oil distillery

规格 BZJ-06 BZJ-10
容量 6吨/天 10吨/天
Oil production 5.1吨/天 8.5吨/天
Way to work 批量
原料 Crude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, waste oil
The heating material Petroleum, LIQUEFIED petroleum gas, natural gas, wood, coal, etc
功率 20KW 36KW
Structure form 垂直
Cooling way 水冷
Operating pressure Normal and vacuum
The service life of the 5-8年

Batch distiller

每天一批; 成本低,设立资金少; 占地面积小;

Continuous distillation equipment

24小时连续工作; 能耗低; 在整个操作过程中,无需外部加热源。

Sell continuous waste oil distillation equipment
Beston 2020 to sell continuous waste oil distillation equipment

Application of the final product - diesel oil

  • Suitable for large agricultural machinery, mining machinery, ships, generators and other low-speed heavy diesel engines;
  • 不能直接用于汽车发动机; (要求与标准混合 The diesel engine 3:1);
  • Can be used as a heating source。

Diesel form Beston crude oil processing plant
Diesel form Beston crude oil distillation equipment
Waste oil distillery

Unique features

  • We use different heating systems for intermittent and automatic continuous plants。 间歇式设备采用热风加热系统,以延长反应器寿命; 最新的管式炉应用于自动连续设备,以提高加热效率和安全指数 Waste plastic to diesel plant Or tires to diesel engines。
  • Automatic feed in and out system can reduce labor costs。
  • The fully sealed distillation reactor ensures no gas leakage or environmental contamination。
  • We have special equipment to eliminate odors and toxic emissions, so as to meet environmental standards。 For example, a three-layer dust removal system is used to filter exhaust gases。
  • Safety valve, automatic alarm system, explosion-proof valve to ensure safe operation。
  • High oil production。 Our waste oil refiners have a combined oil yield of about 85 to 90 percent。
  • High efficiency。 There is no corrosion, scaling and coking during processing。
  • It is easy to transport and install。
  • The system creates an alternative energy source to replace petroleum products and natural gas, which can turn waste into energy。
Pyrolysis oil distillation plant
Beston China Pyrolysis Oil Distillery

Waste oil distillation process

  1. The oil pump sends the waste oil/crude oil/waste oil/pyrolysis oil pump to the distillation reactor。
  2. The reactor will be heated by oil, LPG, natural gas, wood or coal. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the oil will boil and evaporate。
  3. LPG will be produced and purified in distillation towers。
  4. The purified oil gas flows to the condenser and is liquefied into light fuel oil。
  5. The light fuel is then piped to a deep purification system and pressure filtration system to clean the acidity and alkalinity。
  6. Eventually, we get qualified diesel or gasoline and use it in engines or generators。

Technical characteristics

  • Have perfect environmental protection equipment, such as exhaust gas burner, flue gas dust removal room, etc.;
  • Using simple chemical methods: to eliminate the color and odor of the product;
  • Second - hand or waste oil distillers can reduce waste and solve the problem of reduced oil resources;
  • Water recycling, which relieves pressure on equipment, can greatly improve system safety and fuel oil production and quality.
  • The heating system of waste plastic tire pyrolysis oil distillation unit adopts hot air heating technology, which can ensure the safety of the system and improve the heating efficiency。

Why should you Beston -- professional distillery supplier

  • Provide custom design and turnkey engineering;
  • Distillery prices are reasonable;
  • First-class pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service;
  • Lifetime maintenance and consultancy;
  • Rich experience in export and installation。

Beston installed a crude distillation unit in Dominica

Petroleum distillery in Dominica
Dominican crude processing plant
Oil vacuum distillation facility in Dominica
A small distillery in dominica

The whole process in our waste oil distillery is very easy to operate。 Our customers can usually make a quick profit from this plant due to its high oil production and high performance costs。 Therefore, our factory has won a good reputation in the market of similar products and in recent years, we have sold them to many foreign countries。 In addition to high quality products, Beston also provides customers with perfect after-sales service and professional guidance。 If you want to learn more about Beston and other products, you can return to Our home page Or drop us a comment for more information。

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